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Welcome to the official Dovahbruh Wiki™, also known as Bryan Silva. He is a 4chan greentext YouTuber known for raiding the autistic Roblox stream known only as, "Alex from Roblox," because he is a cancerous cunt. Dovabruh is also known as a peachy gay cunt, he hides this by lying about his love and affection for gays. He commonly watches trap-gay sex often while uses his poop sock to beat his dick.

Channel Bio and QuotesEdit

"Just a guy who likes to read things for other people to listen to,

mainly focusing on feels aspects but some variety here and there."

"I love all exept gay"


"I almost brushed my teeth with my razor, fuck my ass."

"who the fuck is trey?"

"Traps are not gay"

"Are you actually have the fucking retard?"

- Bryan "Dovahbruh" Silva

Latest activityEdit

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